When “He” Awakens: A New Perspective on the Divine Masculine

In Twin Flame circles, and the influx of emails I receive on a daily basis, I hear so many Feminine Counterparts talking about hoping for or holding space for “when the Masculine awakens” or that “The Masculine is awakening!”

And yes, even in my own Divine Union Journey, I have thought, said hoped, the very same thing.

It kind of goes like this: “When my Twin Flame awakens, then   _____________    (we can begin moving into harmony, we can manifest our mission, we can go get ice cream…)”

You fill in the blanks.

Shortly after I wrote my last blog post on releasing the Twin Flame label, I began to become somewhat exasperated at the way that my own Beloved refused to believe in Twin Flames, and rejected so many of my own metaphysical beliefs.

When is he going to awaken? I thought desperately.

Recently, I had an epiphany that changed the game entirely and shifted my perspective on the Divine Masculine, and our need to truly release and surrender our attachment to how we think things need to be.

Spirit revealed to me that Masculine energy, when in its most exalted expression, embodies discipline, order, responsibility and duty. It is protective and it provides and brings structure.

Feminine energy, on the other hand, is nurturing, creative, intuitive, receptive, and emotional.

What I realized is that when I said, “I hope my masculine counterpart awakens,” I was really saying, “I hope my masculine counterpart behaves like me, believes as I do, and gets with the program, already!

When I was willing to put that aside and really look at him through the eyes of the heart, I realized he was already embodying all of the wonderful attributes of Solar Masculine energy.

What I thought was his need to “snap out of it and get with the program” was a cleverly disguised trick of the Lower Mind to cause further illusion of separation because we have differing beliefs and values.

And…boy oh boy the conflict that was creating between us.

The Feminine is receptive and by nature more spiritual and in touch with her feelings and emotions. The Masculine navigates the physical plane and anchors these energies into physical reality.

Many of us have overlooked that many of our Divine Masculine Partners are actually operating from a very beautiful platform, and do not need to communicate with Archangels, fairies, or Elmo in order to shine as they do.

By placing that expectation on them, we miss a very valuable point which is that our Beloved does not need to believe anything that we do or view life or spirituality as we do in order for us to love them without condition.

In fact, I believe that this is often one of the challenges of the Sacred Feminine: to release attachments, and “another reason why Union cannot happen now.”

One of the most powerful ways we are taught to Love Unconditionally is by our Sacred Partner showing up with different values, beliefs, and perspectives to teach us the virtues of tolerance, and allowing others to be as they are, and co-existing harmoniously alongside them with absolutely no reason to “convert them over to our side of the fence.”

Now, having said that, there is a general need for many Masculine Counterparts in general to balance their Feminine energies and know it is safe to feel and to express those feelings, and trust their intuitive processes (and even this can be expressed differently from how the Feminine expresses it. The Masculine tends to have more of a “gut feeling” about things, or can intuit through probabilities).

On the other hand, the Feminine is also learning to step into her power, and this comes from amping up her Masculine, activating Sacred Balance within as well.

When we, as Feminine Counterparts, are able to take inspired action, assert ourselves (including wants and needs), and bring our intentions into manifestation, it reveals that we are embodying the joyful expression of Sacred Marriage within by activating our Masculine.

For most of us, we are in varying degrees of being “tweaked” in this process. (After all, a good marriage takes hard work… even within ourselves!)


The next time you find yourself hoping, praying (or even begging) for your Twin Flame to “awaken,” I would like to throw out the possibility that he may very well already be “awakened,” yet the way that that expresses itself is different from you… because it is supposed to be!

If you need support in your internal balance or Masculine Energies, please check out our audio, Divine Masculine Transmission.


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