So, What is Language of Light?


What is Language of Light??

Light language is a Galactic language, carrying encodement for frequency healing and shifting, activating DNA, and communicating on a soul level.

It is a form of sound healing consisting of multidimensional energies, frequencies, light codes, sacred geometries,activations and powerful ascension accelerations that can assist to heal you and activate you on the deepest of levels physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

In Christian circles, it is frequently referred to “speaking in tongues”, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit, or the “language of angels”.


In fact, I first began speaking Language of Light, or “speaking in tongues” when I was baptized with the Holy Spirit as Pentecostal Christian in the early 90’s. Shortly after leaving the church, and releasing the religious dogma of Christianity, I stopped.

This gift resurfaced in 2004 when I was guided to a hill in the early evening in 2004 while living in Northern California to receive a visitation from my Star Family in the form of a beautiful light ship that revealed itself in the sky and remained there for an hour of so.

Since then, I have been speaking and writing Language of Light and have used it for years, mainly in my personal healing journey, as my Angels, and other Christed beings often transmit healing energies and other transmissions that make manifest as Language of Light.

I have since integrated it into my healing work, channeling light information that I used to assist others in dismantling dissonant energetic structures, realigning, and recalibrating their frequency.

It is only recently that I have been guided to integrate this powerful healing gift into my ministry to provide maximum clearing and shifting and to update the energetics of Twin Flame Units and on personal healing and clearing levels.


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