Please Read This First Before Making Your Appointment, To Be Sure We Are A Good Match

Please make sure to read through all items carefully to be sure we are a good match for Sacred Partnership Assistance. If you agree to all terms, click the button at the bottom to be taken to the Book Appointment page.

  1. These are healing sessions, not psychic readings. While I do usually give intuitive information about what is going on on the deepest levels, and what is up for clearing, these sessions are primarily about you receiving and releasing what is hindering you from the Highest Expression of Your Divine Path and/or your Union. If you are expecting me to psychically “spy” on your TF to find out if she/he are going to leave their spouse, or if they are thinking about you, etc and you are not interested in healing you and transcending the blocks that are hindering your highest good, then sessions with me are not for you. I will give you what you need in the NOW moment to manifest the Highest Possible Outcome, or in other words, what you most need to know, (not necessarily what you want to know) for your greatest good.  If you are looking for me to “channel your Twin Flame’s Higher Self” and that kind of thing, I do not do this.
  2. If you are obsessed about the outcome, and not about what you need to create change, or if you are desperate to know about what your Twin Flame’s issues are, but not your own, these sessions are not for you. The Twin Flame Journey is about YOUR transformation and you are responsible for that. You are not responsible for the other party.
  3. Along the lines of 2, if you are not willing or wanting to delve deep into your own patterns and programming, but are looking for a quick fix, these sessions are not for you.
  4. I do not tell you if you are/are not truly with your Twin Flame. Though Spirit sometimes gives me this information, usually it is not given and the reason behind this is that it disempowers you in the Grand Unfolding for your own life, the learning of your own lessons, and trusting your own Intuitive Power and what is in your heart. In my particular healing ministry I have not been allowed to disempower you in this way.
  5. These sessions are not a “magic wand” that will make all your problems go away instantly. While they will assist in clearing energetic blockages manifesting as a frequency mismatch to your true hearts desires, and much of the time you will experience an immediate shift in your consciousness and circumstances, you will still need to work on your own inner process, and you will still need to exercise patience with seeing transformation on all levels. Whatever you need for your soul growth and evolution will remain for you to learn and integrate. You will still need to do the work on your end. If you are not willing to take responsibility for your own growth and evolution, these sessions are not for you.
  6. Please do not book more than one session per six month period unless we have arranged otherwise. It takes time to see changes and transformation in a situation, and I also do not wish to create dependency on me that takes away from the guidance and light of your own Divine Self. If you have had a session with me within 6 months, and you have also had a follow up but things have become extreme, please email me first at to give me a little more information on what is going on before booking another appointment to see if it is even appropriate. If you attempt to schedule a Recalibration Session within 6 months without checking in with me first, I will not accept the appointment or invoice you.
  7. While I do believe it could be possible that your Twin Flame is a celebrity or famous person, I personally do not work with this situation.
  8. If you and/or your Twin Flame is married and one or both parties have no intention of leaving their marriage and you are wanting Union, or to continue seeing one another, sessions with me will not be in your best interest.
  9. If you have not seen or spoken to your TF in over 2 years (this would include no texts, emails or anything of this nature) sessions with me are not in your best interest.
  10. If you believe someone to be your Twin Flame and they have no idea who you are, or even what your first name is, neither have you ever spoken before and it is very unlikely that this will ever change, sessions with me are probably not best for you.
  11. Please do not send me pictures of other people, asking me to read their energy, regardless of who you believe the other party to be. While I realize many Twin Flame psychics do this, I strongly find it to be a huge energetic invasion of privacy of the other party. I am sure you would be very upset if you discovered someone was showing your picture to a stranger and asking them to read you, claiming that you are their “this or that”. I am a real stickler about boundaries and respecting the free will of others, and if someone did not give consent to have their picture shared, you are infringing upon their free will.
  12. It helps to have a healing intention/session goal in mind before you make an appointment. What would you like to come away from this session with? Please have clarity about this beforehand.

If you have read through these terms and would still like to make an appointment please click the button below to show that you accept and be forwarded to the booking page. If you make an appointment, and any of the dynamics listed above show up in our session, I will stop the session and refund you minus a $50 cancellation fee.