Unlocking the Keep Away Heart


Release the root cause for playing “keep away” with love by attracting emotionally unavailable partners at its original source!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:56

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Emotionally unavailable partners is one of the chief complaints of those in unsatisfying relationships, and often a lifelong pattern.

As with all patterns, there is a underlying reason, and it has nothing to do with the “quality of men and women out there.”

It has everything to do with your frequency and what you are vibrationally aligned with.

We attract partners that are not able to be present emotionally for us, often because it is what we learned in childhood where our parents were emotionally distant or disinterested in who we truly were.

We can also attract emotionally distant partners when we ourselves have a core belief around being unlovable, or fears of closeness and intimacy, where an emotionally distant partner unconsciously feels “safe” because if they don’t get too close, we do not have to face the pain of being rejected.

In Unlocking the Keep Away Heart, I bring in rounds of Infinity Healing to assist in dislodging any hidden beliefs and programs that “keep love away” through attracting an unavailable partner, including ancestral beliefs (as this is often a family pattern that is passed down for generations).

We will clear the consciousness field of the Inner Child in all ways he/she took this pattern on as normal from watching his/her parents relationship, or from emotional neglect, dismantle the need to set this energetic barrier up to protect oneself as a subconscious defense mechanism, and clear the frequency that attracts emotionally unavailable partners, opening you up to new set points of Love that is present, available, and devoted!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to the Liberating Trapped Emotional Energy: Liberating Truth Audio Activation.

“Hi Sonja, I want to thank you so much for the heart armor exercise you posted on YouTube.  I did it last night and had an ecstatic experience afterward. I am feeling the radical shift I have been seeking for so very long. Riding the wave today!” -Courtney

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