Twin Flame Core Wound Clearing And Harmonization


Release the shared core wound between you and your Twin Flame and balance the polarized energy manifesting as disharmony, running, and conflict with this incredibly powerful energetic process!

It’s Windex for the Sacred Mirror!

Audio (mp3) Length – 24:58

Sample This Clearing:


Twin Flames share the same core wound, which accounts for why the Sacred Mirror can be so powerful, as disowned aspects of ourselves and our shadows are either projected upon the Twin, or cause us to pull away if we are not ready to face them!

Often this core energy shows up as polarization, as the core wound manifests in opposite ways, such as abandonment/committment, or passive/aggressive, which are usually 2 shades of the same energy.

In Twin Flame Core Wound Clearing, 5 rounds of Language of Light, Sacred Toning, and other potent downloads assist in:

  • Clearing the shared core wound from the Unified Field that is showing up in the Sacred Mirror between the Pair.
  • Dismantling the energetic structures and gridlock in looping patterns and timelines that are based on the core wound.
  • Expands the heart chakra for increased compassion and forgiveness toward the Twin and self.
  • Harmonizes the polarized energy and imbalance, however that is playing itself out.
  • Brings in updated light information and codes to assist in moving both parties into vibrational alignment with the Highest Expression of the Union possible at this given time.

Twin Flame Core Wound Clearing and Harmonization makes an excellent companion clearing to Sacred Marriage with Archangel Metatron, Karmic Release for Twin Flames, and Inner Child Healing with Your Twin Flame, for maximum release of distorted energy locking you out of the joys of Harmony and joyful Union!

“The Core Wound Healing and Harmonization activation works!!! Three massive inner shifts around lifelong negative scripts and false stories and patterns almost Immediately after each listen.” -N.D.
“I purchased your new “Twin Flame Core Wound Clearing and Harmonization” audio last night. Never before have I felt the effects of a healing transmission so quickly. . . . I am experiencing an unmistakable sense of liberation and excitement that I was definitely not feeling prior to listening to the audio. For the first time in months, I awoke this morning in a state of inner peace and calm, rather than the usual fear and trepidation. I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to you for this divine gift.” -David
“I listened to a good number of your videos… Literally the very next day (today) our entire dialogue switched. It was like after months and months and months of not vibing right with each other, we were both communicating very openly and honestly, fluidly, and surprisingly well given the still present language barrier. It felt so safe and relaxing sharing with him again. Not only that, a very, very deep and painful muscle knot in my hip due to a long standing chronic illness finally loosened tonight. Real talk, I couldn’t even make this up! THANK YOU SONJA!!! From me, my root chakra, and my twin :)” -Kelly

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