Transcending the Fear of Change



Release internal set points, self-sabotaging mechanisms and Ego fears based on limiting beliefs that hold you in old outdated stories that no longer serve you that manifest as the fear of change!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:43

Sample This Clearing:


Sometimes change is scary. So much so that we rather remain in jobs, relationships, geographic areas and other circumstances that are unsatisfying and unfulfilling. We don’t like it…but at least its familiar.

For others, we have been so accustomed to our lives and relationships being a certain way, that even though we want to receive better, or manifest something different, there is this part of us that is unable to allow it due to limiting beliefs that we have picked up about what it possible for us. When something shows up outside of the parameters of this internal glass ceiling, even if its wonderful and everything we could ever have hoped for, part of us panics, sabotages it, or cannot move past it. Because the programs are subconscious, we cannot even understand why.

In Transcending the Fear of Change, programs of limitation that are collective, ancestral, karmic, are targeted for release through Infinity Healing. The beliefs that are keeping your birthright in hold pattern are unraveled at the original point of entry, allowing new pathways to your Highest Good to open up and reach you, deactivating the Ego’s auto-response designed to “keep you where it’s safe, even though it’s not what you want.”

I also bring in healing animal and mineral attunements from the Master of Change and Transformation, the Butterfly, and the quantum shifting energies of moldavite to assist in breaking down the old, activating change, and anchoring new paradigms that align with who you are now, and who you are becoming with grace and ease!


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