The Wrecking Ball Language of Light Activation


This activation audio guides you to bring your most challenging block, or stuck looping pattern before these super charged Light Codes to completely annihilate them, and download new beliefs and patterns to replace to accelerate your quantum leap into a an entirely new story for yourself, reflected back in your reality!!

Audio (mp3) Length – 11:04

Sample This Clearing:


It is not even necessary to know exactly what the pattern is, as I connect you to your Higher Self who knows exactly what and where the core pattern is and directs the energy there!!


This is a high-impact Language of Light Activation that Spirit wanted me to bring forth for those who are in need of a real “block buster”!!

You can use this activation over and over again for the Ultimate Breakthrough!

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"The 10 of Cups Library is the most powerful collection of audio activations for Twin Flames and spiritual seekers in the world."

Lacee Getter | Soulful Love Living

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