Releasing Divine Receptivity Setpoints


Release blocks to receiving and opening up to allowing the Goodness of the Universe and in your life by transmuting non-coherent patterns at their source.

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:37

Sample This Clearing:


Imagine going into your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite dish, then when the waitress brings it to you, you say “Take it back. I don’t want it.”

Ridiculous, huh?

Yet this is often what we subconsciously do with the Universe, and with our blessings, even though consciously we believe we want to receive them.

Divine Receptivity is the ability to allow yourself to have your Divine Birthright of joy, love, peace, and abundance.

It is our Feminine aspect activated within our lives, and being able to receive our good is just as much of a Spiritual act as giving.

In fact, giving and receiving are natural Divine Cycles, just as water is given to and received by the Earth through rain, then received back through evaporation.

Inability to receive is not just a distortion within our Feminine aspect, it also can be traced to beliefs about the self as being unworthy, guilty, and undeserving.

In Releasing Divine Receptivity Set Points, I assist you in the expansion of what you are able to receive and allow through rounds of Infinity Healing that:

  • Clear any hidden files, tapes, and programs at the Original Entry Point that compromise your ability to open up to your Divine Birthright and True Heart’s Desires!
  • Dismantle the energetic charge associated with past life vows of self denial, and denouncing the world to serve God.
  • Purge ancestral programming around lack, scarcity, and futility.
  • Disengage you from morphic fields of belief that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive” and other non-beneficial beliefs.
  • Remove energetic cages, boxes, tags, etc from the field with the assistance of Archangel Michael that create and perpetuate repulsion broadcasts in your field.
  • Attune you to new frequencies and belief patterns that expand your set points as a new way of being!

If you are truly serious about showing up for all of your good, and are looking for that missing piece that has been locking you out, this could very well be it!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to I AM Worthy from the I AM Series, and Self Love, Self Worth Installation With Mother Mary.

Not sure if this activation is right for you? Try our quiz: Do You Have Blocks to Receiving?


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