Prosperity Paradigm Reset Healing Event


Completely shift your Personal Financial Profile, your relationship with money, and move out of “Scare-city” into 5D Abundance!


Uranus in Taurus is gifting us with an 8 year window to shift our consciousness and move out of “Scare-City” and into 5D abundance.

And to truly make this leap, it requires that we not only shift our programming about money, but to shift our relationship to it as well.

Money is simply energy, and like all energy it can be attracted, repelled,  radiated, siphoned, or redirected,  which ultimately leads to prosperity, or lack, depending on our personal vibration, receptivity setpoints, and programming.

Uranus is forcing us to revolutionize and even rebel against the old 3D paradigm that forces us to stay in dead end jobs that don’t bring us joy, live in fear for our security and survival, and stifle our true hearts desires and dreams for fear the bills won’t get paid, and other scenarios that cause us to live from our Highest and most joyful Truth.

If you are ready to learn how you can tap into the Divine Flow to completely rewrite your own Financial Story, and lay a new foundation and create a Net Worth that mirrors your True Worth, I cordially invite you to the Prosperity Paradigm Reset Healing Event, held on Saturday April 27 at 3PM.


On this call we will:

  • Discover how we repel money energy, how it becomes diverted and siphoned.
  • Neutralize “Scare-city” from its original entry point.
  • Explore collective, ancestral, karmic, and childhood beliefs that set us up in “Scare-City”
  • Clear “money is evil” or “money is unspiritual” thoughtforms that lock so many lightworkers in financial struggle and hardship.
  • Learn to see energy as money, and how to work with it as such to create an optimal vibrational state of attraction.
  • Discover what 5D Abundance truly is and how we can begin to embody it.
  • Cleanse and purify our current money channels and bank accounts from siphoning energies and mechanisms.
  • Connect to the unlimited supply of money energy and alignment of channels for that to get to us that we may not even have thought of!
  • Receive a transmissions from Uranus, and other energetic processes to break down beliefs and timelines created from lack and poverty consciousness.
  • Expand our personal set points and create financial goals for ourselves.
  • Much much more!

When you sign up, you will receive unlimted access to the replay, so you can go back in and listen as much as you would like, or use the energetic processes again and again to go deeper.

You will also receive instructions on how to get on the call in your download area upon receipt of payment.

If you are ready to move out of “Scare-city” and into new consciousness where you experience the Abundance of the Universe as a new setting and reality, I hope to see you there.

In the mean time, I invite you to read my blog post on Uranus in Taurus for even more understanding about what this planetary alignment is assisting us in creating.


*Sorry, but you cannot use 11.11 Club for this event.





Disclaimer: I do not guarantee increased earnings from this call; any results mentioned may not be typical.


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