Undoing Futility Loops


Break out of looping patterns that yield no results and create emotional states of frustration and disillusionment and lay hold of your doorway to new solutions and miracles!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:22

Sample This Clearing:


Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day?

In it, the main character woke up to experience the same exact day over an over until he finally did something different to break the loop.

This is not so different from how futility loops operate, by keeping us experiencing the same results over and over and not getting anywhere because we are not connected to or able to see the one thing that needs to be done to shift it.

Futility Loops show up as an attachment to something that is clearly not working, a sabotaging mechanism that blocks out solutions, causes you to unconsciously dismiss or sabotage things that will work, and lock down in feeling defeated, disillusioned, frustrated, and burned out.

Closely related to Martyr Programming, Futility Loops are consciousness traps that are caused by programs of lack that do not allow for us to have what we want, inability to receive, karmic imprinting when getting what we wanted created tragedy for ourselves or others, fear of change or being “wrong’ (thus creating stubborn holding on), disempowering beliefs, and inability to trust the Divine Plan.

Undoing Futility Loops features potent rounds of Infinity Healing to assist you in:

  • Clearing the underlying beliefs and programs of lack and disempowerment.
  • Uprooting Lower Ego Mind anchors on comfort zones.
  • Opening you up to receive and allow
  • Creating openings for New Solutions and changes of perspectives that allow for you to see your way out.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Uninstalling Relationship Martyrdom Software and Autopilot Program Deactivation.

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