Ocean Of Peace – Healing Music by Andy


A relaxing music track composed and produced by Andy. Scroll down and say “Ahhhh…” with a free sample!


Andy here.

Are you looking for more support with stress relief, relaxation, or focus and energy?

If you’ve been with Sonja and me for a while now, you know that I had my own healing music website, and we decided to “merge” it into 10 of Cups Ministries after asking the 10 of Cups community whether they would be interested in this sort of music.As you can see, the answer was a resounding “Yes!”

After some delay due to my desire to pick the most empowering selections of healing music for you, I’ve finally put together bundle for your stress-busting, meditation-making, insomnia / sleep-deprivation-blessing*, and more!

Whether you are seeking support with relaxation, focus, or sleep, this music provides quantum support you will feel immediately.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You

Just a quick clarification, upfront, before we jump in?

This activation includes the rights for both personal and commercial use of the music.

If you’re using this for commercial purposes, please don’t re-sell the music without you adding a voiceover, like how Sonja does with the audio activations in the 10 of Cups Library, and please credit Andy Golay and link to this page from your “Downloads” or “Thank You” page, or on a “Credits” page on your site.

Sound fair?

Alright! Here it is:

Ocean Of Peace (Deep Relaxation)

Waves crash and dissolve as spacious, smooth organ music resonates into the horizon.

Audio (mp3) length: 27:30



Cost: $7

And yes, you can use your 11.11 Club discount!

Wishing You Infinite Blessings and Infinite Love,


* Disclaimer: I don’t treat insomnia or any stress-related illness. I’m simply offering you a blessing with healing music I’ve put my love into, using music that can support restful sleep due to its relaxing effects. I am a licensed Health, Family, and Consumer Sciences educator (all ages) in Massachusetts, but I’m not a medical doctor. Please use these tools in harmony with your healing team and consult medical professionals for primary treatment of all medical illnesses. I don’t claim that any audio frequencies have special healing powers. However, I have experimented with my own perception of the frequencies used in this bundle, and I do resonate with them for their intended purposes, based on my own subjective experience. Each person’s experience with this music is unique.

Please do not play this extremely relaxing music in a moving vehicle.

We do not offer refunds, only exchanges in the event of a defective link or file.

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