Narcissistic Abuse Healing Activation


Narcissists can drain your energy, emotionally devastate you, and leave you feeling traumatized, victimized… and maybe like you are losing your mind!

Clear soul contracts, core reason you drew this to yourself and emotional charge associated with Narcissistic Abuse, so that you can move forward from this old story and into peace, forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

Audio (mp3) Length – 21:27

Sample This Clearing:


Narcissists can take many forms in our lives, but the flow of the relationship is typically the same where we are taken advantage of then disposed of, lied to, manipulated, controlled, invalidated, and energetically bogged down with blame, projections, and other mind games that take its toll on us on all levels of our beings.

This energetic process is a 6 Part Activation utilizing Angelic Soul Song Language of Light to:

  • Purge the Pain Body of the emotional charge from the abuse.
  • Clear the Akashic Hologram, outdated soul contracts, and cords with the Narcissist.
  • Release the core beliefs and programs that drew the Narcissist to you.
  • Connect to the lesson the situation served to create for and in you so that you can have closure.
  • Purge Heart Armor, and open the heart chakra in any ways in which the abuse shut you down in mistrust.
  • Includes a Language of Light Activation with Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin to align you with compassion, and forgiveness so you may truly release the situation.

Regardless of whether this is occurring now, or you still hold a charge from a relationship from 10 or more years ago, this healing angelic transmission will assist you in returning to Zero Point, and cleaning up the damage done to you mentally, spiritually, energetically, and emotionally.


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