Liberation from Sexual Trauma


Purge outdated terror, trauma, shame and guilt from your entire being from sexual abuse and/or exploitation.

Audio (mp3) Length – 22:10

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Sexual abuse, rape, and other sexual exploitation and trauma are devastating experiences that effect how we view ourselves, our world, and our sexuality, ususally in the most negative way.

The imprinting left from such atrocities result in many harmful belief and behavioral patterns, such as inability to enjoy sex, and frigidity, mistrust of the opposite sex, distorted body image, shame, guilt, and so much more.

Whether the incident occurred as children, or later on in life, we often store it away, while holding healthy love and relationships energetically at arms length to keep ourselves safe.

Obesity is even often a result of sexual abuse as we subconsciously put on layers to protect ourselves, and to make ourselves unattractive so as to not attract attention of potential abusers.

In Liberation from Sexual Trauma I take you through rounds of deep Infinity Healing designed to:

  • Clear the physical body, cellular memory, and energy field of any emotional charge associated with sexual abuse and trauma.
  • Release guilt, and shame, and the belief that we “deserved it” or “asked for it”
  • Purge generational sexual victimization that we may have inherited from our ancestry, including holding space for future generations.
  • Decord from the perpetrator, and return our energy, power, and ability to love ourselves and know our value.
  • Heal any resentment or mistrust of men (or people who remind us of our attacker if the same sex).
  • Receive an energetic reset with nourishing frequencies.
  • Receive downloads from your Higher Self on how to transform this “scar” into a “star” and emerge empowered and victorious!

Even if you have worked through your sexual abuse trauma, and sense it is still affecting you, this clearing can help get to energetic residuals conventional therapy cannot access!

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