Inner Child Healing with Your Twin Flame


Purge from the Unified Field of your Unit the core childhood wounds within both partners that are directly contributing to the struggles and patterns that you are experiencing, to allow for a greater state of Love, Acceptance, Peace and Joy between you!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:35

Sample This Clearing:


Children soak up everything they see around them like a sponge.

Our early childhood experiences set certain beliefs in motion about the world around us, what it is and what it is not.

From ages of 1-7, children are primarily in a Theta brainwave state, which is the state that our subconscious minds are wide open to be programmed.


If our experiences were riddled with family strife, emotional or physical abuse and neglect, bullying, abandonment, programs were installed within us that impact our self worth, self esteem, and ability to give and receive love, among many other things and set up shop in our subconscious minds manifest as negative auto pilot patterns.


Our Twin Flames are Sacred Mirrors, which means that the challenges and problems that arise in these Unions typically are triggering us in places where these hidden files are, to bring them to our awareness so they can be released, and we can shift from the illusions we have bought into as true about us, and life, and into alignment with our Highest Truth, which is pure unconditional love.

Inner Child Healing with your Twin Flame is a healing activation for Twin Flames, whether in Union or not, which targets the primary childhood distortions that are showing up for both parties that are creating the primary challenges within the Union.


I take you into a powerful Sacred Geometry chamber of Light where you will both receive healing transmissions to clear the energetic charge, bring in Divine Love from Mother/Father God, transmissions of Joy, Playfulness, and Creativity from the Dolphin Kingdom.

You will also receive updated Light Codes from the 3rd aspect of your Trinity, the One Star or Soul Matrix that you and your Twin are outside of Space and Time to replace the noncoherent programs that are released between you.


Results include the diminishing of patterns that are based on negative Inner Child programming, and an increased ability to bring more play, innocence, purity and joy into your Union.

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