I AM Lucky In Love


Break the cycle of the “Tragic and Disappointing Love Story” and shift your primary broadcast to attract your ideal and most joy-full relationships and companion, or change the trajectory of a current relationship!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:47

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What is being “lucky in love”?

It is simply being in alignment with our Soul Truth and Needs for Divine Union and Partnership and that flows into our lives with grace and ease.

After all, that is all “luck” truly is, being in Divine Alignment from which all of our good flows.

If we have had an long track record of attracting Narcissists, commitment-phobes, emotionally or even physically unavailable partners, after a time we may weight heavy with the woundedness of Heart that makes us feel we are “unlucky in love”.

The truth of it is, it is not a good luck/bad luck situation as much as it is vibrational mismatch that has non-coherent programming at its core.

The “bad luck” is merely a symptom.

In I AM Lucky In Love, I take you through several potent rounds of Infinity Healing to target and locate the hidden software and programming running that are the root cause of this symptom.

We will:

  • Deactivate the energetic charge associated with past failures and disappointments in love that are often at the heart of feeling “unlucky in love”.
  • Clear Ancestral Karma and inner child programming you may have inherited where relationships are “doomed to fail” or “never work out” or “end in disaster.”.
  • Release the core wound that causes you to unconsciously select the same personality archetype over and over that ultimately ends up failing you.
  • Transmute the “payoff” you unconsciously receive by disappointing love relationships and romances.
  • Clear your own internal fears of intimacy and being seen, and other sabotaging patterns that create the illusion of elusive love.
  • Clear oaths, vows, and curses from this and other lifetimes, including those that have been directed at you through others.
  • Lift any emotional energy of disillusionment, disgust, or ill feelings toward yourself and your own worthiness of love that may have been brought on by “bad luck in love”!
  • Expand your setpoints to be open and receptive to love that is in alignment with your Highest Expression, joyful and present!
  • Helps you to keep your thoughts positive and self correcting if you slip back into default negative thinking about your love life!
  • Create the shifts you want to see either in an existing relationship, or release relationships you have drawn to yourself from this frequency broadcast!

Makes a great companion clearing to Unlocking the Keep Away HeartCore Wound Clearing: Love Hurts,  or Soul Truth Alignment for Miraculous Living audio activations!

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