Healing Your Monadic Soul Group


Clear dissonance from the unified field of your Soul Family in all ways that hinder the whole, and create coherence and unity, and even manifest your true Soul Tribe.

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:47

Sample This Clearing:


In each Solar System there is one galaxy monad which contains 144,000 Monads, Monad simply meaning One.

Within each of these Monads is the essence of 12 branches of Oversouls, each of these broken down into 12, or 6 sets of Twins.

This 11 (12 including you) is your Primary Soul Group. The remaining 132 are secondary soulmates.  So there are 11 other beings with the same signature soul energy as you. Some are incarnate on the planet, some are not.

This is your True Soul Family.

And because of the close energetic relationship, what happens with others in our Soul Group often does affect us, whether we know them personally at this time or not.

Trauma, interfering wave patterns, blocks and other energetic mechanisms occurring within one, can by default trickle down to the others causing struggles that don’t even originate within you.

Healing Your Monadic Soul Group was an activation given to me during the Full Moon in Libra as we healed and balanced along the Me/We Axis line of Aries/Libra when it was revealed to me that some of the emotional baggage that I was carrying but could not put my finger on its origin was being picked up by me but was originating from a Soul Group Member, and upon clearing this on behalf of the group as shown, manifested in shifts for me, and other Soul Group Members that I know and am aware of.

It is the Highest Act of Love and Oneness to hold space and clear on behalf of the group occasionally, as when one of us is stuck, it can cause us all to be stuck.

In Healing Your Monadic Soul Group, we will work with Golden Ray from the Great Central Sun, and Metatron’s Cube to

  • Clear trauma, interference, and mechanisms from the group as needed and possible.
  • Dissolve karmic entanglements and outdated soul agreements on behalf of the group.
  • Remove non beneficial cords and hooks that detain on default timelines.
  • Release ancestral curses and baggage on behalf of the group
  • Promotes Higher Love, Compassion Unity and harmony among all group members currently in touch with one another/in one another’s lives at this time.
  • Opens pathways for connection and communication with Group Members currently not incarnate (typically serving as guides)
  • Give and receive Love on a soul level from all members.

Healing on behalf of your monadic soul group is a beautiful and powerful act of love and service, which also helps to draw you to one another in accordance with the Divine Plan.

Use this activation to both support your group, and draw your True Tribe!


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