Gold Ray Activation for Luck and Abundance


Clear non-beneficial energetic static and blockages that trap you on timelines of struggle and hardship to move into optimal vibrational alignment with Divine Grace and Favor in your life.

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What exactly is luck?

Metaphysically and spiritually speaking, luck is simply being so in alignment with the Love and Flow of the Universe, and your Higher Self, that life flows together miraculously synching you up at the right place, right time for amazing things to happen.

It is not random, or have anything to do with chance, it has to do with vibration and alignment.

When you think about luck in this way, how could this type of vibrational resonance shift your life?

In Gold Ray Activation for Luck and Abundance, we work with Golden Ray,  Pure Source Light from the Great Central Sun and the 12th Ray of Creation, to:

  • Clear energetic residue from the Stellar Gateway at the Soul Star Chakra to create a strong connection with your Higher Self and Guidance.
  • Charge and cleanse the Pineal Gland and 3rd eye to facilitate seeing one’s life from the Highest Perspective and intuitive vision.
  • Create the optimal vibrational alignment with your Higher Self, and the flow of your Most Benevolent Timeline.
  • Release non beneficial beliefs and programming lodged in your Bioenergetic field that manifest as struggle, lack, scarcity, and frequency mismatch to your “lucky timelines”
  • Charge the matrix of your day with Golden Light for maximum daily resonance.
  • Align your will with Divine Will to assist you in “getting out of your own way” and tapping to the natural rhythm of the Universe where the Highest Possibilities exist.

The result is more synchronicity and serendipity, navigating through life with grace and ease that comes from knowing the Universe is behind the scenes working things out for your favor, lessening of “trying so hard” and “being in your head” about everything, and increased magnetism to magic and miracles!

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