Fueled By Faith’s Fire


Annihilate your doubts and bounce back from discouragement and past failures to take the fast track to your True Hearts Desires through the power of Faith.

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:29

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Faith is the fuel that keeps us going, trusting, believing and knowing that The Universe is for us, our True Hearts Desires, and is working all things out for our Highest Good, Greatest Joy, and Spiritual Growth and Expansion.

It is knowing something is so, will be so, and can be so, whether we see it yet or not, or regardless of what the story we see is presently showing us.

And most importantly, it is a frequency that we can align with, that opens the gateways for the energy of what we seek to happen to ground into the physical realm.

It is like the calling card that gets the Universe moving on our behalf and keeps our vibration high through the certainty that all things are possible.

Yet, so many of us wrestle with the “Gatekeepers”, which are simply aspects of our consciousness that have not been perfected in Love, which manifests as doubts about why it can’t, why we shouldn’t and why it won’t.

In addition to the Gatekeepers, we have been conditioned to trust our crude senses to tell us the story. Therefore, if we cannot see it, we do not believe.

5D living requires that we believe first, then we see.

Sometimes we have stepped out in faith and trust and things did not work out. Then we create a point of reference where we base all of our future decisions trying to avoid the pain, humiliation, and problems that arose when we Trusted, without understanding that when things don’t work out the way we had hoped, it is because God/Source/Universe has something even better.

In Fueled by Faith,’s Fire I take you through rounds of Infinity Healing and immersion in the Blue Ray of Faith and Divine Will with Archangel Faith in order to:

  • Neutralize the voice of your Inner Gate Keepers and Doubting Thomas
  • Deactivate the triggers that come with defaulting to past disappointment as a reference point.
  • Assist you in embodying the frequency of faith to exceed the frequency of fear in your field.
  • Clears anything in the way from any situations that require that you be grounded in faith.
  • Shifts you into Higher Consciousness, where you believe first, then see.
  • Aligns your will with Divine Will to diminish the need to “miss the mark” by having faith for things that are not part of the Divine Plan or are “less than” your Highest Potential.
  • Help you be unstoppable, even in the face of adversity.
  • Imparts the smallest portion of faith that you need to turn things around (Yeshua said all you need is a mustard seed)

Faith enables us to take risks, face down fear, go big, and become a manifesting master.

If you are serious about your true hearts desires and struggle with wavering, believing, and discouragement, this activation will assist you in the vibrational alignment you need to see it through to completion.


Makes a great companion clearing to Clearing the Fear of Disappoinment, Deactivating the Fear of Loss, Activating Joy.

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