Forgiving the Self


Release yourself energetically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally for the chains of past and purge regret and remorse that still may be haunting you based on past decisions, actions and choices while opening up to all of the blessings that were not able to reach you because of the energetic barrier of not forgiving you!

Audio (mp3) Length – 21:46

Sample This Clearing:


At some time in our lives we may have been faced with doing “what we had to do” or what we thought was best in a given situation.

Perhaps the outcome or timeline birthed from those actions and decisions fill us with shame, regret, guilt, or remorse because it is not who we are now (maybe not even who were truly were then, but who we mistakenly believed ourselves to be!), or because it created pain, suffering and sorrow for ourselves and others.

Maybe we are carrying secrets and skeletons in our closet so incredibly “horrendous” around things we have done or said to ourselves or others, that it weighs upon us like a bag of sorrows.

And this is not limited to this life. Perhaps this is going all the way back to another lifetime, and you are presently still plagued with unexplainable guilt or shame over some event you can never put your finger on.

Whatever the particulars are, Unforgiveness in any form, whether directed at Self or others always does the same thing: it cancels our our ability to love and truly allow for the fullness of our True Hearts Desires to manifest fully, and keeps us locked in the lower frequency bands, which is why we cannot resonate vibrationally with all of our good.

There is always this part of us seeking to be punished, or feeling we are no good and don’t deserve it.

In Forgiving the Self, I take you through several rounds of Infinity Healing, designed to assist you in clearing the energetic charge associated with still being stuck in Unforgiveness and past events, expand your Consciousness to understand how those events have and still can serve the big picture and Divine Plan, clear non coherent energies such as regret and shame, and align you vibrationally with everything that you have not been able to allow because of not forgiving the self!

Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion showed up during the recording with a beautiful healing transmission to support you as well!

The results are increased ability to Love yourself and allow good into your life, energetic resonance to abundance, Love, and positivity, and most importantly…freedom from that old story and the chains binding you to it.

“As I listened, I found great peace in the imagery and blessing of Kwan Yin at the end of the audio.” -Andy

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