Deactivating the Fear of Loss


In Deactivating Fear of Loss, powerful rounds of Infinity Healing assist you in clearing ancestral, and karmic fears of loss and disappointment, purges the emotional charge associated with past pain and disappointment from the original core wound, and greatly facilitates in shifting out of fear of loss based clinginess and anxiety and into peace and trust in the Divine Unfolding.

Audio (mp3) Length – 10:21

Sample This Clearing:


Many of us have a difficult time allowing our blessings, whether it is our Twin Flame Union moving into harmony, financial abundance, or receiving our true heart’s desires because we fear losing everything, or we fear that if we are joyful and happy “someone or something” will come take it away, or it will somehow be ruined.

This sets up needless anxiety, inability to really be in joy, and, often, self fulfilling prophecy, since we create our reality through thought and belief, and the frequency we are aligned with at any given time.

It also causes us to cling to tightly in ways that set up an opposing force that can actually repel what we are trying to create.

The root behind this is often past hurt, pain and disillusionment that we project upon our now moment and future, being insecure in Divine Love, lack of trust, and the inability to understand that if something is truly meant for us, it can never be taken away (unless we allow it through disabling programming such as unworthiness, and inability to receive).

Imprinting from past lives of devastating loss and disappointment, ancestral programming (“Life never works out the way you want it to” and similar thoughts and beliefs we pick up in our childhood from the adults around us) can also contribute to the inability to really open up and love and receive without fear of losing it, or things ending on a devastating note.

Fear and Love are opposite polarities. One frequency will cancel out the other, depending on which is greater. Energetically, it becomes difficult to receive the Love of our Twin Flame, or of the Universe if fear is lurking around in any form.

In Deactivating the Fear Of Loss, I guide you through energetic rounds designed to:

  • Target and locate any past life or ancestral patterns of crippling loss and disillusionment.
  • Clear emotional charge associated with disappointment, feeling jaded, and loss in this life time.
  • Download new beneficial programming to assist you in receiving, allowing and trusting.
  • Assist you in understanding the lessons that past loss and disappointment truly served to create for you to facilitate peace and closure.
  • Release unworthiness beliefs, that are often companion energies to the fear of loss.
  • Shift your frequency from fear back into Love.

The result is you feeling anchored in Divine Love, expansion of receptivity set points , the knowing that what is truly yours cannot be taken away, the diminishing of sabotaging of your joy,  and greater peace, confidence and courage to move forward with whatever God/Source/Universe has for you!

Makes an excellent companion audio to Clearing Ancient Separation Wounds, or the Divine Receptivity or Star Attunements !

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