Core Wound Clearing Series: Love is Unfair


Shift your vibrational resonance with unfair treatment, and unjust outcomes in love and all areas of your life, and into trust, and win-win outcomes!

Audio (mp3) Length – 12:35

Sample This Clearing:


Have you had repeated incidents of a love interest leaving you for someone else, or all odds stacked against the blooming of a potential love relationship?

Does it seem like the Universe works against your desires for companionship and commitment?

Do your “dream lovers” always end up to be a disappointment and you just don’t feel its fair this is happening to you because you are a caring and loving person ?

In love, do you frequently feel like you have receive the “short end of the stick”?

These are all indicators of the “Love is Unfair” belief system.

“Love is unfair” is a byproduct of the belief that life is unfair and you just can’t win.

It is often the imprint of the Inner Child who was subjected to unfair and biased treatment by parents and other adults, who perhaps meant well, but showed consistent favoritism to another sibling, or otherwise habitually used their power and judgement in ways that were truly unfair and opposed to who we truly were and what we truly needed.

Or perhaps we were in the middle of (or even pawns in) a nasty divorce, separation, or custody battle between our parents, and took on one of our distressed parents anguish over the unfair treatment or outcome.

It is also the result of past life imprinting when we were subject to incredible injustices and abuses of power.

Either way we learn that love is unfair (because life is unfair) and never goes the way that we want it to, and this program shows up as a feedback loop of experiences that manifest this way, leaving us feeling jaded, cheated, and crying out, “Nothing ever goes my way. Life is so unfair!”

And while the reality of it is that life and love don’t always go the way we want it to, the key feature of the Love is Unfair program is that we don’t understand that life is happening for us and not against us, and instead feel victimized and belittled by another win-lose or lose-lose situation, rather than empowered and trusting in the Divine Plan.

Love is Unfair is an Infinity Healing transmission that:

  • Releases the stored emotional charge around your Inner Child Consciousness from unfair treatment and messages received in childhood.
  • Uproots the program from its original entry point.
  • Clears ancestral programming around this belief (because it is commonly ancestral).
  • Purges past life imprinting where love was tragically or unfairly taken from you.
  • Transforms any victim consciousness that is the direct result of the odds being stacked up against you.
  • Creates a new energetic setting that allows for trust and surrender to the Divine Plan.
  • Revoke conscious and unconscious agreements that you have given away to the belief system that “Love is Unfair”
  • Aligns you with openings where win-win can be a new energetic setting rather than win-lose or lose-lose.
  • Much more!!

Makes a great companion clearing to I AM Divinely SupportedI AM Safe in Love, and Uninstalling Relationship Martyrdom Software activations.

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