Core Wound Clearing Audio: Love Hurts


Shift your relationships and consciousness and open to expanded states of love, through the releasing of the subconscious program and belief system that Love Hurts!

Audio (mp3) Length – 15:35

Sample This Clearing:


“Love Hurts” is a belief system that runs under the level of our subconscious, usually installed in childhood where we may have witnessed painful divorce, separation, or heart wrenching dynamics in our parents marriage or relationship, or even later in life after disastrous love experiences.

It causes us to set up energetic walls which sends out broadcasts that repel love, in order to protect us from the hurt.

However what it ends up doing through the Law of Attraction is manifesting additional painful, hurtful experiences in Love that confirm the belief that Love Hurts,  which strengthens and reinforces the belief until an energetic structure is created, manifesting as frustrating loops of devastation and pain in love, isolation and “addiction to loneliness”, or settling for “easy” and “superficial” relationships that lack true closeness and intimacy.

This occurs below the level of our awareness, which is why we may experience repeated devastating Love failures, even if we consciously want to experience true love, and joyful, nourishing relationships!

In Core Wound Clearing: Love Hurts, rounds of potent Infinity Healing target and locate the original point of entry of this program and clears it, transmuting energetic structures that create looping patterns of hurtful relationship patterns, releasing ancestral and karmic charge still in the field, and returning you and your Inner Child consciousness to Zero Point.

Additionally, it shifts your frequency to align with loving connections with others, and Love that heals and nourishes,  increases set points of receptivity, and shifts of painful relationships dynamics.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Uninstalling Rejection, Deactivating the Fear of Loss, and Unlocking the Keep Away Heart activations, as well as any of the Core Wound Clearing audios.

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