Color Frequency Splash Activation: The Rainbow Ray


Color Frequency Splash Activations are concentrated bursts of Divine Color Frequencies to help shift your energy and draw more of its like energy into your world!

Color Frequency Splash: The Rainbow Ray drenches your energy field with the Rainbow Flame, which holds the frequency of the first 7 healing Rays. Their properties individually include:

Red Ray: Divine grace, healing, and peace

OrangeDivine purpose, passion, joy, fulfillment, selfless service.

Yellow Ray Enlightenment, illumination, wisdom, understanding,

Green Ray Physical healing, prosperity, abundance,

Blue RayClarity, perception, discernment.

Indigo Ray Divine will, power, protection, faith, Divine order.

Violet RayFreedom, victory, transmutation, mercy, compassion.

Rainbow Flame is also extremely healing and joyful for the Inner Child

(For more information of the metaphysics of the Rainbow Flame, click here)

This activation features a wash of White Flame to transmute any lower and conflicting energies into neutral light, so that you can receive the maximum benefit from the Color Frequency with the least amount of interference, and a powerful crystalline vortex download to assist in distributing the energies!

This 10-minute activation is gentle enough to use every day, but powerful enough to shift your energy in amazing new ways.


"The 10 of Cups Library is the most powerful collection of audio activations for Twin Flames and spiritual seekers in the world."

Lacee Getter | Soulful Love Living

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