Breaking the Chains of Childhood Emotional Neglect Healing Event


Join me for the replay of this deep Inner Child Healing Event originally held Saturday, May 12, 2018!

Do you invalidate your feelings and intuition?

Do you ever feel emotionally numb and unable to connect to what you are feeling?

Are you a chronic underachiever even though you have the intelligence and aptitude?

Do you wish you could self nurture but have no idea what that even looks like?

Do you constantly put the needs of others before or to the exclusion of your own?

Do you ever feel like others misunderstand you, or you have difficulty manifesting emotional support?

When asking others for what you want or need, do you feel guilty and/or does your request often begin with, “I don’t mean to be a pain but….”?

Are you a narcissist magnet?

If you have said yes to any of these, you could be the adult victim of childhood emotional neglect.

And even then, this is just the tip of the iceberg of how this often overlooked family dynamic manifests in our adult lives as patterns of disempowering behaviors and, left unchecked, dis-ease.

Emotional neglect is the direct result of a parenting style in which your true needs and authentic self were invalidated, ignored, or ridiculed.

It is a subtle form of abuse that often goes unnoticed because it can and often is present even if our parents were not abusive (as we understand child abuse), and all of our material needs were met and cared for.

Yet still, covertly or overtly, the message was relayed that “You and your feelings don’t matter, they are a burden, or they are not welcome around here.” 

As a result we disconnect from our feeling centers, believe our own needs are irrelevant or even annoying to others, or check out through addictive behaviors.

Energetically, we draw situations to ourselves where we are ignored, invalidated, and marginalized or what we truly feel, want and need is tossed right onto the back burner.

Breaking the Chains of Childhood Emotional Neglect is  the replay of a 90 minute healing call that I did on May 12, 2018.

On this call we:

  • Explore Emotional Neglect in detail and how it manifests through 12 distinct parenting styles.
  • Delve deeper in how this shows up in our virtual reality and relationships.
  • Work with Mother Mary and other rounds of deep healing to peel the energetic layers of the effects of emotional neglect and its templating.
  • Clear this pattern on behalf of our children and future generations.
  • Move stuck energy in the emotional body and cellular memory.
  • Download new ways of connecting to our feeling centers and expressing and asserting our needs and wants to others.
  • Learn to trust what you are feeling as a backdrop to making empowered decisions.
  • Much more!

If you grew up in family dysfunction, with addiction, depression, death, divorce, “free spirited hippie parents”, or with narcissistic or borderline parents you might be surprised where and how this dynamic is alive and well and affecting your ability to be a vibrational match to your joy and your good.

This audio will be delivered to your inbox in 2 parts, a 45 minute teaching about CEN and sharing my own life experiences with it and a 25 minute activation.

Not sure if CEN is an issue for you or this call right for you? I invite you to take this quiz to see if your current patterns can be traced to this childhood templating!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to  working with the Self Love Empowerment BootcampLiberating Trapped Truth (or any of the Liberating Trapped Emotional Energy Series), I AM Doormat Free or Clearing Core Wounds: Love Ignores Me Audio Activations.


To be fair to those who were on the call live, 11.11 Club membership does not apply for this replay.

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