Activating Joy with Archangel Haniel


Ready to take your experience of magic and miracles to the next level? Activating Joy as your new energetic setting is the fast track to accelerated vibrational resonance to all of your good!

Audio (mp3) Length – 21:48

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Joy is a vibration that is available to us as a constant state of being, and a frequency band that we can occupy 24-7.

In this frequency band, we can transmute negativity and denser emotional energy, magnetize miracles to us, unlock our innate creativity and gifts, and manifest our abundance. We can also make ourselves virtually immune to psychic attacks, and taking on other’s energies.

Imagine being able to interact with the saddest, most miserable person in the world, and not be the least affected by their stuff!

All too often we make joy conditional and place it out of our reach,  assigning it a future role in our timeline, where we will be happy when x, y, and z happens.

Or perhaps there is an aspect of our consciousness whose “normal” has become suffering, fear, anxiety, stress, or drama, and as a result we cannot receive Joy, and continue to create on auto pilot from those denser energies.

Or we simply have difficulty staying within the frequency of joy long enough to truly experience its incredible power.

In Activating Joy, I work with Archangel Haniel, whose name means The Joy of God, and the Angels of the Turquoise Ray, bring in Language of Light, angelic soul song, other downloads from Source to:

  • Target and locate any joy-repelling files and programs through out all of your timelines and existences.
  • Deactivate and aspects of your consciousness that “need” problems and negativity because it has become too familiar.
  • Connect you to the Frequency of Joy to recalibrate your own personal vibration to that of joy.
  • Awakens the playful heart of your own inner child by connecting you to his/her joy!
  • Activate a time-release adjustment that will fine tune your frequency to joy, and tweak any misalignments, and go deeper every time you listen to it!

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