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Live With Purpose: Fulfill Your Mission

Activate your highest purpose and live your most ascended vision.

Popular activations and e-courses include:

  • Soul Truth Alignment Transmissions for Miraculous Living – for connecting with your highest flow of truth with ease and grace.
  • The I AM Series: I AM Focused and Determined – reduce and eliminate anything that derails you from manifesting your Highest Good.
  • Stepping Into Your Power  – clear and ground your solar plexus chakra, balance your masculine and feminine energies, and embody your self sovereignty so you can bless the world and your life with all your gifts and greatness.
  • Embodying Your Expanded Self – clear limiting beliefs and morphic fields that have you living less than your fullest You, and expand into your soul’s unlimited potential
  • The I AM Series: I AM Nailing My Life Purpose and Mission – Tap into your life’s work and live your true purpose with clarity and confidence
  • Liberation Through Forgiveness – Start fresh, renewed with pure vibrations. This meditation calls in the energies of Archangel Zadkiel,  the Violet Ray, as well as Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy for the ultimate “clean slate” experience.
  • From Empath to Alchemist – an e-book and audio activation combo designed to transform you from energy sponge to Master of your destiny. Release judgments others project on you and protect your own energy.
  • And much much more! Scroll down for links to sample and purchase activations.

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